Speaking Engagements

Contact us if you would like any of the following presentations for your community organization or corporate group.

  • “The Empowered Healthcare Consumer”  A program to learn how to understand your healthcare insurance and how to best navigate your medical claims and provider bills. You will also learn how to effectively liaise with your insurance company and medical providers.
  • “Safe and Sound in the Hospital” The program will discuss the importance of having a care partner in the hospital and the must-have checklists your care partner can take to the hospital to ensure you are safe and sound in the hospital.  This information is based on a book by the same name authored by Karen Curtiss.
  • “Wellness Inventory- A Whole Person Approach to Overall Wellbeing & Stress Management” An interactive program to learn how wellness is more than just diet, weight and exercise.  A program to improve your overall wellbeing and make sustainable changes in your life and manage your stress!
  • “Motivational Interviewing for the Healthcare Provider- An Evidenced Based Approach”  An interactive program for healthcare providers to learn a new improved way to communicate with their patients and improve outcomes.

These are some helpful resources that you might find useful in your medical journey.


The Power of a Health Care Advocate  Johns Hopkins Medicine

Medical/Caregiving Associations

Alzheimer’s Association, Greater New Jersey Chapter 973-586-4300

United Way Caregivers Coalition in Northern NJ 

Aging & Disability Resource Connection of NJ (ADRC) 877-222-3737

NJ Helps 

United Way

NJ Division of Human Services, Division of Disability Services  888-285-3036

NJ Hospice & Palliative Care Organization 908-233-0060

NJ Chapter of American Heart Association

NJ Chapter of American Diabetes Association 

NJ Department of Health End Stage Kidney Disease

NJ Mental Health Cares

Tools & Education

Mayo Clinic

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality 

Administration on Aging

Medline Plus – National Institute of Health

National Cancer Institute

American Cancer Society

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

National Institute of Health – Senior Information

National Institute on Aging

Family Caregiver Alliance

Patient Advocate Foundation

National Family Caregivers Association

Prescription Assistance Programs

Needy Meds

US Social Security Adminstration – Medical drug plan cost assistance

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Pharmaceutical Company Patient Assistance



Medicare Interactive

Medicare Rights Center

Federal Health Insurance

Medical Cost Review

Healthcare Blue Book

Fair Health Consumer



Safe and Sound in the Hospital by Karen Curtiss

You Bet Your Life! The 10 Mistakes Every Patient Makes by Trisha Torrey

Be Nice To Me – I Pick Your Nursing Home! by Yale S. Hauptman