Our mission is to assist you in attaining the best possible healthcare and make smart and informed decisions by educating and empowering you with the right knowledge.

Minimize stress, optimize your health outcomes with a nurse healthcare advocate at your side on the journey.  The services we provide are:

Services for Individuals

  • Education on medical diagnosis, procedures, clinical trials, medications
  • Support during physician visits, hospital stays, care in assisted living, nursing home and rehab facilities
  • Facilitation & management of chronic diseases
  • Assistance selecting physicians & hospitals
  • Coordination of care for procedures, tests, hospital stays & discharge planning
  • Liaise with healthcare team and family
  • Optimize wellness with coaching and support
  • Elder care planning and monitoring
  • Assist with billing, claims and insurance issues
  • Organization of medical records

Benefits of Healthcare Advocacy

  • Minimize stress and save time and costs
  • Decrease errors and the duplication of tests
  • Informed decision making
  • You are the center of your care with a strong voice
  • An excellent medical team
  • A return to pre-illness state sooner
  • Holistic wellness support
  • Support with family issues
  • Health & wellness coaching