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           Experience the comprehensive and proven whole-person model to wellbeing.

        The Wellness Inventory model is our program foundation addressing the 12 dimensions on our wheel.

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  • Innovative whole-person approach to improved, self-managed personal and professional wellbeing.
  • Includes 12 life dimensions as part of a motivational online program
  • Improve your health and wellness with private or group coaching and look forward to reaching your goals.  Lose weight, manage chronic illness, improve relationships and communication skills with this deep dive into the unique YOU.

What can this program do for me?

This is the original and proven whole-person approach — the Wellness Inventory. Our online program offers dynamic interactive tools for improving personal wellbeing. You determine your wellness priorities and achieve your goals by an initial whole person assessment of all aspects of your life, represented in the 12 key dimensions.

Reduce stress, learn to better manage your energy, enhance work-life balance, improve relationships, support optimal health and wellbeing, and live life more fully.

Invest in yourself and sign up for private coaching to improve your life and health!

We customize your coaching sessions based on your needs.  We request a minimum 3 month commitment and preferably 6 months or longer to maximize your positive outcomes and behavior change.  All coaching sessions begin with the     Wellness Inventory online assessment and that is included in your coaching package.

                                           Meet Your Certified Health & Wellness Coaches
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Improve your wellness now and sign up for your wellness assessment and 30 minutes of professional coaching for $129.00 to begin your wellness journey.



Lorie Gardner BSN RN                                                                                                                  Lucille Plantemoli MPH, RN, CIC                                                                         


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The Wellness Inventory

  • Strategic approach
  • Generates higher motivation and self-responsibility
  • Behavior catalyst
  • Manage personal & professional wellbeing
  • Complements Health Risk Appraisal
  • Maximizes participation and results
  • Attain highest potential for health & wellbeing
We are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of individuals and companies/groups so they are able to:
  • Create more balance
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase energy and productivity
  • Improve relationships
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Optimize weight
  • Maximize potential
  • Deepen personal responsibility for their health

Illness-Wellness Continuum

Here’s what you gain with your online subscription to the Wellness Inventory program:

  • Complete the whole person assessment in 12 key dimensions of wellbeing.
  • Discover your current wellness profile in all 12 dimensions.
  • Access your current motivation profile. Where are you most motivated to improve?
  • Use Action Plan to create small steps for continual, sustainable improvement.
  • Receive regular reminders and track your ongoing progress on your action steps.
  • Reassess each of the 12 dimensions throughout the year and track your progress.
  • Record insights and experiences on your journey in My Wellness Journal.
  • Deepen your sense of responsibility for your health and wellbeing.
  • Create more balance in your personal and professional life.
  • Maximize your capacity for optimal living.

Start your journey to greater personal health and wellbeing today!

 Well being and disease prevention are the key goals of any individual or organization.

“High-level wellness is an integrated method of functioning…Maximizing the potential of the individual…”

Halbert L. Dunn, MD, PhD 

Chief, National Office of Vital Statistics