Bridging the gap between you and your healthcare team to achieve
Optimal Health and Well-being
“One Step at a Time”

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We are a group of seasoned professionals leveraging our enthusiasm and drive to help others with our extensive background in nursing, healthcare, wellness coaching and chronic disease management.

Our goal is to bridge the gap from an Illness Paradigm to a Wellness Paradigm and improve the overall health & well-being of clients and organizations. We accomplish this by supporting clients with healthcare advocacy services and wellness coaching. In times of sickness, stress or aging, we will walk that journey with you and provide one to one personalized and customized support by:

  • rock bridgeEducation on medical conditions and diseases
  • Provide research results on your medical condition including clinical trial options
  • Identify all your treatment options
  • Attend your physician visits or provide a list of questions to discuss
  • Liaise with your medical team on any issues
  • Assistance with selecting your healthcare team and second opinions
  • Preoperative teaching
  • Hospital bedside monitoring and advocacy
  • Medication review and education
  • Transition care planning from the hospital to rehab or home
  • Assistance with medical billing and insurance issues

For both individuals and groups such as companies, unions and healthcare organizations we are dedicated to assisting in preventing disease and optimizing health and life functioning by practicing wellness principles. We do this by providing:

  • Wellness coaching utilizing a whole person innovative approach to assist in obtaining overall well-being regardless of your health status
  • Needs assessment of areas for improvement
  • Customized approach to achieving improved holistic health
  • Education, Empowerment & Engagement
  • Lunch & Learn sessions
  • Motivational Interviewing workshops

Benefits of Healthcare Advocacy

  • Better understanding of the disease process & treatment options
  • Improved communication with the healthcare team
  • Less stress
  • Decrease in any duplicate testing
  • Efficient utilization of the system and costs resulting in improved satisfaction
  • Continuity of care with a nurse coordinator

Benefits of Wellness Coaching

  • More commitment to making permanent lifestyle changes which improve outcome measures
  • Improved engagement and quality of the relationships with healthcare providers
  • Sustained health improvement with less likelihood of a readmission within 30 days